• PICK YOUR OWN indie perfume sample trio
  • PICK YOUR OWN indie perfume sample trio

PICK YOUR OWN indie perfume sample trio

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You may select any three (3) of our fragrances from the list below. Each travel size glass atomiser will contain approximately 2mL of eau de parfum.

Please state your choice of fragrances by typing them in the 'add a note to your order' section when checking out.

CORTEX PINK - lemon drop, peach skin, violet candy and tulip bulb. dries down to a base of pencil shavings, modelling clay and laundry musk.

LIMBIC JUNGLE - bitter starfruit, sparkling passionfruit and deep green epiphyte. glazed with hints of sunbaked stone, lychee soap, durian husk and vetiver.

TONKA & MAMMAL -  pastoralist trappings of butter, cream, rawhide. the control of fire, the significance of sandalwood. iodic ambergris. walnut skin, tonka bean, and vanilla extract.

CACAO NACRE - drinking iced chocolate in a hothouse. dries down to a base of milk foam, timber dust, and rosewood furniture.

MONKEY CUP - orange jelly beans, buttery muscade, powdered medical gloves that transform into jasmine flowers.

PUDDLE REALM - rain-soaked soil, aquatic papaya, creamy tropical flowers and turmeric torches reflected in a puddle.

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Perfumer's alcohol, fragrance*

* an original blend of botanical essential oils, absolutes, concretes, extractions, and / or synthetic molecules.

Store in a cool, dark place. Due to the deep colours of some of the natural raw materials used in our compositions, this fragrance may stain / discolour fabrics if applied directly onto them.