• MONKEY CUP eau de parfum • 30mL

MONKEY CUP eau de parfum • 30mL

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aromatic / citrus / white floral

from the DEICTIC series of perfumes, which explore the experience of tropical rain in different contexts - indoors, outdoors, before, during, after.

cool, cloying carnivorous flower. kola nut, green banana stem. the nose detects grandiflorum headspace before its white parachutes descend, collapsing like powdered dentist's gloves onto the silt.

30mL handcrafted eau de parfum in a delectable frosted glass atomiser.

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perfumer's alcohol, fragrance*

* an original blend of botanical essential oils, absolutes, concretes, extractions, and / or synthetic molecules.

store in a cool, dark place. due to the deep colours of some of the natural raw materials used in our compositions, some of our fragrances may stain / discolour fabrics if applied directly onto them.